Going to see a show or a concert is one of the experiences to do in New York. Here is our complete guide to the best concert venues in New York City.


Choosing the best concert hall in New York, much like choosing the best restaurant, is an impossible task. Among the hundreds of bars with open stages and microphones, do-it-yourself spaces and daring venues, the options seem endless. But the vast majority of New York’s remarkable concert halls are owned by a few large promoters who have homogenized everything to the point where much of this illusion of choice is simply… an illusion.

Yet as live music cities disappear, New York is hard to beat. It’s a must-see destination for smaller tours, a hub for record releases and insider events thanks to the presence of so many music industry press, and a ground zero for more than a few notable historical and current “scenes” over the years.

To find a favourite place, you need to know what you are looking for. Some people like big, expensive arenas, some live to hunt underground artists in cheap, underground hiding places; some want to dance, some prefer to attend a concert from their seats; some don’t go all the way to Brooklyn, some are too cool for Manhattan. And with so many options, seemingly subtle things like the disposition of the crowd or the price of beer can make or break a place’s reputation.


Whatever your preferences, these are the best venues in New York for all types of shows:

The Ballroom, Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan…
Whether it’s the charm of the hardwood floor, the favorable layout – a decent-sized bar and lounge on the ground floor and stairs to the front and back of the 575-seat performance space help keep the crowd moving fluidly – or the talent of the venue to catch acts just as they begin to have their moment, there’s a special chemistry that makes a show at the Bowery great. It’s also not bad that Bowery Ballroom is located in the middle of the Lower East Side food court, offering excellent options for pre- and post-show entertainment.

Mercury Lounge, Lower East Side, Manhattan.
Best place for up-and-coming artists – The 250 rooms of the Mercury Lounge consolidated its reputation as the place of choice for up-and-coming artists when the Strokes were discovered here in 2000. It is maintained despite the fact that it will give up its independence in 2017 to team up with promoter Live Nation under the Mercury East banner (which also includes the Bowery Ballroom). Fantastic programming and cheap ticket prices always attract fans to the small nudist hall, show after show.

Market Hotel Bushwick, Brooklyn
Best place for small shows – Hidden in an old building facing the JMZ elevated train, the Market Hotel could be easy to miss if it’s not reserved for the crowd of spectators smoking in front. Originally opened in 2008 as an artist in residence, the Market Hotel underwent closure and renovations before reopening as a concert venue in 2015. Its unique history and commitment to offering talent to cults allows the smallest place to retain its basement. atmosphere. The strange V-shape of the piece does not hinder the dancing or the navigation through the crowd. It’s a unique feeling when the wobbly ground shakes both bass and trains passing by the nearby Myrtle-Broadway subway station.